Mariah’s classic Christmas song is back on repeat. So 'tis the season once again for at-home comfort and coziness. And what do you wear for that? Loungewear, of course! If last year was all about Sherpa, for this year’s hibernation season waffle knit athleisure is everywhere, since it checks all the warm and cozy boxes and is one of the most comfortable fabric for clothing!

What is Waffle Knit Fabric?

Traditionally used for sports clothing, and, forever, in the making of cold-weather underwear, this thermal fabric is woven in small, square grids that resemble to waffles that are super breathable and absorbent to help create your perfect winter moments. This creates tiny air pockets between each individual square of fabric, which means you'll stay warm while still being able to breathe easily. It's a great choice for any activity that involves sweating, since it won't stick to your skin and make you feel uncomfortable. 

Right now we’re seeing it reappear in many fashion collections, at all price points. Great for all those après-ski vibes without all the fuss!

This material is great for layering since it's so thin and breathable.

What is Loungewear?

Loungewear is an outfit that is ideal for hanging out. It's usually made up of a comfortable pair of pants, a loose shirt, and possibly some socks. Loungewear is typically worn at home or while traveling, but it's also acceptable to wear loungewear in public places like parks and the beach.

Loungewear is the opposite of business casual, which is a more formal way to dress. It's best not to wear loungewear in the office, but some companies are more lenient than others.

Loungewear comes in many different styles and fabrics. It can be made of cotton, silk or any other comfortable material. The most important thing is that you feel great while wearing your loungewear!

It’s Time for Comfort Clothing

Comfort is key.

There are many benefits to wearing comfortable clothing and loungewear.

First, it allows you to be at home in your own skin. You can feel like yourself without worrying about what others think of your style choices, or whether you're looking good enough.

Second, it helps you relax and focus on what matters most: the people around you. If you're comfortable in your own skin, then you'll be able to communicate better with those around you. This can make for stronger relationships with family and friends alike!

Finally, a comfy loungewear look is just more enjoyable! It's nice to have the option of wearing something that doesn't require a lot of thought—just throw it on and go!

The Best Loungewear Style

The New Set

Made from a soft cotton blend, waffle knit joggers offer the ultimate lounge look but are still cute enough to wear for the commute to the gym or as you hop on a bicoastal flight for the holidays. Spotted! Plus, you’ll be thankful to have a nice pair of stretch pants to change into post-workout clothes and not trek back home into your old sweatpants. Right?

Paired with a cropped relaxed zip front hoodie, you’ll look smashing in your new comfy pants. Our Foxy Jeans waffle knit joggers are designed with tons of cozy features, like a thick elastic waistband that allows room to stretch, a tapered leg style that's super flattering, and side pockets deep enough to fit your smartphone — yes, even those really big ones. Just add some cool sock sneakers, a logo waist bag, and you’re ready to rock the town with your friends.

 Layering Solutions

Not only is waffle knit fabric light and drapeable on the body, it can also be worn in transitional weather and easily dressed up or down. If you’re all about casual comfort, even for work, waffle knit pieces like tops and short dresses, made from a smart blend of cotton and polyester, will quickly become your ideal layering pieces that adapt to varying temperatures. If your apartment tends to run hot, a short-sleeve waffle knit jersey dress is the perfect companion to leggings. Foxy Jeans dresses are ultra-soft and can double as a long tunic.

Going out for a run in sub-zero conditions? A Henley shirt (which is essentially a collarless polo) worn under a velour hoodie and topped off with a waterproof shell, will wick away sweat to keep you warm and dry, no matter what falls from the sky.

And if it’s Santa loaded with gifts, hurry home and head to bed!