A fan favourite for a few consecutive seasons, jogger pants have maintained their appeal and continue on a winning streak this winter. That’s why we’ve given the classic tapered, pull-on silhouette, a serious comfort upgrade, and it’s now available in a super cozy knit. Keep reading to discover how to wear these chill-out joggers to look your best.

Jogger Pants VS Sweatpants

Despite the similarities between sweatpants and joggers, the first are mainly constructed to be used as workout gear with their utilitarian thicker fabric, maximizing warmth, while joggers are meant to let the legs breathe and keep cool when running. That’s how it all started, at least.

A Comfortable Jogger Pant

This more fashionable cousin of sweatpants has been offered in everything from stonewashed denim, French terry, brushed cotton sateen, cool stretch, to a dressy twill fabric. As the temperature dips, you’ll be happy to know that at Denim Society, joggers are also available in a 4-way stretch called PDR (Ponte di Roma, for all you fashion peeps out there), a heavyweight knit fabric that feels snug and comfy like Sherpa, but without any of the weight or bulkiness.

Dress Them Up

Joggers are surprisingly versatile and can even be paired with a blazer for a more dressed-up style, especially when they’re made from a thicker knit. Part polished, part relaxed, the unique combination is trendsetting. To make the look work, keep the colour palette dark or neutral and opt for a less structured blazer. Instead of a dress shirt, choose between a casual button-up or your favourite knit. Yes, even an “ugly Christmas sweater!”

Our new stretch joggers are amazing in every way! They have an elasticized waist with an adjustable cord, patch pockets and an integrated belt. Their hybrid performance, wrinkle-free fabric, makes them perfect for travel since they don’t crease and always look sharp from every angle.

Dress Them Down

As winter settles in and you’re sitting in front of a warm fireplace with the flicker of a relaxing fire, your joggers can also play the main part of a smart athleisure look. Go for multilayered options to mix up your look, or add a nice chunky knit for a casual weekend vibe.

If you’re thinking layers to hold back the chill, pair your knit joggers with a classic short jacket such as a bomber, biker or denim jacket. To keep in the theme, your go-to footwear for knit joggers is a stylish pair of trainers. And even better if they’re knit, too, like that ultra-trendy, collectible brand that sounds a lot like “easy”… ;-)

Shoes to Wear with Jogger Pants

When you're wearing jogger pants, there are a few different shoe options you can choose from. Here are some of the best shoes to wear with your jogger pants:

  • Wedge sneakers: These shoes will give you a cute, sporty look and can also help add some height if that's something that you need in your outfit.
  • Ballerina flats: Ballerina flats are always a good option for women who want to keep their outfits simple and comfortable. You can also wear them with tights or leggings for colder weather!
  • Mules: These shoes give you a little bit of an edge while still being super comfortable and casual. They're perfect for pairing with jogger pants on casual days when you don't have much time to get ready!