Yes, there is more to jeans than classic cotton canvas! When it comes to denim, there is an incredibly large assortment not only of design and styles of jeans, but there is also an increasing number of amazing fabrics to choose from. 

Guys, if you’re shopping for jeans you absolutely need to get to know these three types of materials, and what they can do for you. Depending on your style and build, they will enhance your level of comfort and – yes -- also your shape.

Denim Fabric Properties

Denim is a fabric that has been made from cotton since the late 19th century. It is known for its durability, flexibility and strength. Denim is a durable fabric because it can withstand being washed and worn repeatedly without losing its color or shape. The fibers in denim are tightly woven together and this makes denim resistant to tearing or fraying when it is worn or washed. The fibers in denim are also tightly woven, which makes them resistant to stretching out of shape over time. In addition, denim is flexible because it has a high degree of elasticity and can be stretched without breaking or becoming damaged by the force applied to it during bending movements.

Denim fabrics are often made with many different types of yarns including ones made from nylon or polyester which help make them stronger than other types of cotton fabrics such as corduroy pants which have only one type of yarn used throughout their construction process instead of multiple types like those used in jeans pants designs today.

Blue jeans became popular very quickly after they were first introduced and became one of America's most iconic fashion items over time because they were comfortable to wear and could be worn in any season without causing discomfort due to their breathable material composition.

Flex Denim 

Do you encounter problems because your jeans are too tight in one area and too loose in the other? Well, Flex Denim is the most comfortable fabric you will find because it’s been engineered for well-built bodies like yours. Basically, it’s your classic cotton denim enhanced with 2% spandex to give your jeans a lot more stretch while still looking amazing. Flex denim never looks sloppy, even though it’s extremely forgiving when you move around and bend over.  And no more ‘plumber crack’ -- ever!

You can do more with flex denim than just wear it—you can wash it in the washing machine. And if you dry clean your flex denim clothes, they'll last longer than if you just washed them by hand.

Flex denim is great for people who work out because they don't have to worry about ruining their clothes when they sweat or get them dirty during an intense workout session!

Cozy Denim

We’re pretty sure you know what terry cloth is – it’s that traditional looped material bath towels are made of. But this absorbent fabric has now crossed over to the fashion world, morphing into a knit jersey called French terry that is super cozy, moisture wicking and comfy. At Denim Society, we love it so much it’s now part of our men’s denim collections! True, French terry is similar to sweatshirt fleece, which has shredded yarn loops on the inside, but for French terry the yarn loops are kept intact, which makes this fabric more breathable and stretchy. On the outside, our French terry jeans look like regular denim, but only you know how comfortable and soft they feel on the inside. That’s exactly why we call them cozy denim… ;-)

The biggest benefit of cozy denim is that it keeps you cool when you're wearing it, so you never have to worry about being too hot. The fabric also allows air to flow through it, so it doesn't trap heat like regular jeans do.

This makes cozy denim perfect for wearing during the summer and for people who get overheated easily due to their body type or lifestyle (for example, if you work outside).

Butter Denim

“Excuse me? But what, exactly, are ‘butter jeans’” you might be asking yourself… Well, simply put, jeans made from butter denim fabric are a super soft power stretch denim. Translation: Probably the softest, stretchiest pants you will ever slip into!

This extra-special material is designed to move with you, any which way you feel like it, while conforming to your exact body type and shape. DNM.WORKS butter denim jeans are made from a blend of 74% cotton, 23% polyester, 3% spandex, which means they’re more durable than regular denim, yet super soft, to help you get on with your busy days in style. It's also stain-resistant, so you can wear it for longer without worrying about spills or food getting on the fabric. Butter denim will keep your jeans looking good for a long time, so you won't have to replace them as often.

Butter denim is perfect for the office with the work from home comfort factor you’ve come to love and can’t quite give up!