Skinny jeans have been around for years, and it seems like they will forever remain a staple of women’s wardrobes. But have you been wondering if skinny jeans are still fashionable? Skinny jeans had their time in the sun in the 90s and early 2000s and have fallen out of favour with many fashion lovers, but they are now coming back into style. From stars like Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton to regular ol’ fashionistas, skinny jeans are making a comeback.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe or just want to update it a bit, here are a few tips on how to wear your skinny jeans in 2022.

History of the Skinny Jean

Skinny jeans are tight trousers that taper at the bottom. Slim-fit pants were popular in the 50s among Western and country stars and actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Sandra Dee. During the 60s, they were worn by rock bands and musicians such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. After briefly falling out of fashion in favour of the bell-bottoms worn by hippies, they made a comeback in the 70s and 80s within the punk subculture and in heavy metal bands.

In the 2000s, skinny jeans became a staple of mainstream women’s fashion. Fashion trends started moving away from the bell-bottoms and baggy pants that had been dominant for the previous decade. Men’s skinny jeans became the norm by the end of the noughties. Since the 2010s, skinny jeans have remained popular and even became one of the decade’s defining fashions for both men and women.

Today, as looser and more comfortable fits are favoured by Gen Z, one could wonder if people still wear skinny jeans in 2022. The answer is yes! Slim jeans never really left our wardrobe, they just share space with other types of cuts. Today, skinny jeans are still going strong as an essential item in your wardrobe.

Are Skinny Jeans Still In?

Are slim jeans still in style? Definitely! They’re a classic. Skinny jeans are flattering, and they look great on every body type. The best part of wearing skinny jeans is that they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are also easy to dress up with heels or pumps and turn into night-out pants.

Skinny jeans will never go out of style because they’re classic, but if you want to make them look even better than before then follow these tips below.

How to Style Skinny Jeans in 2022

This type of denim is a wardrobe staple. They’re flattering and can be dressed up or down. In order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your skinny jeans, here are a few ideas on how to style them in 2022.

With a Loose Top

The key to designing a great outfit is to make sure to create contrast between the top and bottom. Pairing tight bottoms with a loose top is a great way to achieve that balance. Wear your skinny jeans with a loose-fitting top or blouse to balance out all the form-fittingness of those super-slim legs and ankles.

With a Blazer or Cardigan

Style your skinny jeans with a blazer or cardigan that fits right over them. Wearing your jeans under jackets is a great option that can add some extra vibrancy to an otherwise drab outfit! 

Style Skinny Jeans With Boots

You can wear your skinny jeans with boots to make them look more stylish and good-looking. Try pairing them with ankle boots or knee-high boots, whatever suits you best.

With an Oversized Sweatshirt and Sneakers

The casual look is one of the biggest trends this season, so it’s no surprise that oversized sweatshirts are making their way into our closets. Pairing your slim-fitting denim with a cozy top like this makes a chic outfit that’s perfect for cooler temps. Add some sneakers to complete the look!

With a White Button-Up

This look is perfect for those days when you don’t have time to change out of your work clothes, but still need to look put together. A white button-up shirt is a great option because it can be worn with just about anything—even ripped jeans!

With a Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is another great way to dress up skinny jeans without adding much bulk. Bomber jackets are flattering on all body types because they nip in at the waist, creating curves around your hip area while still showing off your legs in their entirety.

With a Tank and Oversized Blazer

This look is perfect for the office or a night out with the girls. Pair your skinny jeans with a solid tank top and an oversized blazer—it’s easy to dress up or down depending on your mood!

With All Black

Skinny jeans look great with any colour scheme, but they look especially chic when paired with all black pieces from head to toe. Pick out a black top and shoes and add some jewelry for an effortless look that will have everyone staring at you in awe.

Which Is the Best Fit for You?

Thanks to the versatility of skinny jeans, you can really experiment with different fits. The mid-rise and high-rise are two common styles—the former sits just below your belly button while the latter rests on it.

Pencil and straight-leg jeans are both classic options that fit slim all around with no tapering at the ankle. Both pair well with sneakers or heels, but they’re also great for wearing during colder months when you want a little more coverage than a classic boot-cut style would offer.

Skinny jeans with contoured waistbands combine comfort with style by offering extra stretch in key areas like your tummy and behind so that they don’t squeeze too tight around those areas (or any other parts!). This type of design also works well under jackets or sweaters because its smooth front panel won’t bunch up under them.

Experimenting with different pocket placements is another way to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Pocket placement is important because it can affect how comfortable your jeans are. For example, if you’re wearing skinny jeans and don’t have the pockets in the right place, they might dig into your thighs or butt. You might be surprised at how much difference pocket placement can make!


Skinny jeans are a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, versatile and can be paired with any outfit from casual to formal. The best thing about them is that they don’t go out of style! So whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of jeans for lounging around or dressing up for date night with your sweetheart, we’ve got your back. In fact, there are so many styles on offer now that it might be hard deciding which one best suits your needs! But don’t worry—just sit back and browse our selection of skinny jeans today.