Why Skinny Jeans are Here to Stay!

Why Skinny Jeans are Here to Stay!

Why Skinny Jeans are Here to Stay!

Have you heard? There’s been a ton of talk recently about the status of skinny jeans. Millennials and Gen Z have opposite views, as do women with varying body types. But we’re here to tell you that they ARE a classic in any girl’s wardrobe and why just one pair is never enough!

Let’s face it, today’s skinny jeans are really not at all the same as the ones from the 90s, the retro decade we’re all in love with.

It’s in the Mix

With their smart blend of different fibres, leading to more stretchiness and recovery, meaning how much stretch your jeans can withstand before bouncing back to their original shape without bagging out at the bum or knees,, the comfort factor is really what sets apart current skinnies jeans from their 90’s ancestors.

A soft cotton and polyester mix helps keep skinny jeans in place, while 2% spandex gives them major smoothing and body-flattering qualities. You want more of a silky feeling? Rayon or viscose makes denim super soft, and they will also make your denim look a little more dressed up. Just throw on a plaid blazer or a colourful hot pink jacket for those days when you want a chic casual vibe for school or the office. Here your super stretch skinny jeans will easily play the part of leggings but with a more polished look.

For the ultimate in smoothing and body-flattering, look for fabrics with a mix of 77% cotton, 14% polyester, 7% viscose, 2% spandex that will give your skinnies impressive stretch and recovery.

Show Off Your Curves

While some prefer the bagginess of mom jeans, other women just can’t get enough of slim-fitting jeans, which make them feel more feminine, dressed up and professional. High-rise skinny jeans are also amazing to help flatten out the belly and make those pesky rolls and muffin top practically disappear, while hugging your hips and thighs to give you smoother curves.

Thanks to new technologies, skinny jeans can now be designed to actually push up the bottom if you want a rounder looking figure. Similar to push up bras, which lift the breasts and give the appearance of more volume, push up jeans do the same but for the backside to provide a more rounded and perky behind.

So even if you’re not living in L.A. or called Kardashian, you too can have the curves of a Hollywood star and influencer. And you can thank your push up skinny jeans for that!

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